The fees for the lessons are the same for distance learning.

The Swiss Association of Musicteachers ( recommends a fee of CHFr. 115.- per 50-Minutes-Lessons.

Our prices are as follows:

30 Min. Lesson: 60.- Music precourse: 50.- monthly
45 Min.Lesson: 90.- Music course: 65.- monthly
60 Min. Lesson: 120.- Musictheorie 60.- per lesson

Families with children will have another reduction: The monthly payment – 12 times a year – will then be, calculated with 40 lessons per year:

30 Min.-Lesson per week: 150.- monthly (45.- per lesson)
45 Min.-Lesson per week: 210.- monthly (63.- per lesson)
60 Min.-Lesson per week: 280.- monthly (84.- per lesson)

We adhere to the Basel-Stadt holidays.

Little concerts, ensemble and orchestra projects take place each semester.

We’re looking very much forward to a wonderful time with a lot of music!

Magdalena and Nicolas Carter