Many of us like to play music these days, as a challenge or relaxing and calming. Music is a wonderful tool, if you feel down or you need to do something creative.

From May the 11th 2020 on we also have normal lessons at our place again with the actual hygiene measures. But we still offer lessons with the distance learning program.

If you are interested to start music lessons please contact us for a trial lesson.

Music lessons at home

  1. Warm up carefully (scales, finger exercises)
  2. Choose a piece and practice it first.
  3. Record it at least three times, then send us your best take via WhatsApp.
  4. We will listen to your record very carefully and will send you our advices.
  5. Please donĀ“t hesitate to text us, if something is not clear.

Play your instrument every day. You will see how fast you will be better.

Play your old favourite pieces, compose your own ones, play your favourite Pop melody without notes by trying them out, or just improvise. Make music, it rises the mood and makes others happy too.

All our best wishes, Magdalena and Nicolas

Violin, Viola, Piano and Guitar, and recorder

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We are happy to let your children try out all our instruments!